Innovate UK funded project for soft fruit harvesting.

PI: Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak and Prof. Marc Hanheide
Project year: 2019-21

Thorvald robot with the manipulator.
Image copyright Saga Robotics/ Aftenposten Newspaper (Norway)

I worked on different things in this project. Some of them are:

Low-level control interface for the manipulator

Developed the low-level control interface using CANOpen (along with Dr. Grzegorz Cielniak, who provided amazing base code!) for the manipulator and integrated it with the ROS ecosystem using ros_control. I also worked with a colleague to integrate the manipulator with Moveit!.

Integration of motion planning and scheduling package

In another project, I worked with one of my colleagues to refactor their work and integrate it with the project code. I also added some visualizations (e.g., arm workspace, planned and actual path) that you can see in the image below. Moreover, I slightly helped another colleague to develop realistic strawberry models in ROS/ Gazebo, which can be used to simulate the grasping scenario in Gazebo.

Development and version control

I also contributed to the development and version control for some of the common packages in the project repository (e.g., launch system, simulation).